Is your mission-critical data protected in the event of a computer crash or worse? Losing important documents or client information can result in disaster if you do not have the proper backups. Our information technology (IT) team can work for you to protect your computer's critical data.

IT Planning &

Let Bay Tech 360 Inc. help you put together a schedule for replacing equipment and upgrading the software needed to run your business. It is likely that your business’s computing hardware will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years and software upgrades can be even more frequent. Our experienced technicians--IT support representatives--are on hand to help you review your options.

IT Managed

Because IT updates, upgrades, and outages occur unpredictably within an enterprise, the outsourcing of IT support and IT managed services operations can help you better stabilize and predict costs.

Our Services

  • Computer Repair
    If your computer is broken, on the fritz, or just plain falling apart, let us know. A representative from our team of field service technical experts will arrange an appointment promptly. And the best part - you don’t have to watch helplessly as your computer is shipped off! You decide when and where the job gets done, and our IT support representatives come to you.
  • Back up or Transfer Data
    If you have ever suddenly lost data, you have likely experienced chest-tightening, throat-clenching panic. That’s because the disappearance of data represents the loss of your team’s valuable time, expertise and energy—an investment you might not be able to recoup. By making the back up or data transfer services of Bay Tech 306 Inc. part of your business computing routine, you greatly minimize risk of lost data.
  • Hook-up a New Device
    As technology advances and an expanded inventory of devices serves your business needs, you may rely on greater device inter-connectivity to enhance your operations. At the same time, compatibility issues can arise. Bay Tech 360 Inc. can hook up your new printer, scanner, external memory, or any number of devices that increase your productivity, and overcome potential compatibility conflicts.
  • Networking, Internet, and Connectivity Support
    Multiple devices combined with wireless networks eliminate the need for you and your team to be tethered to one spot. Bay Tech 360 Inc. has the expertise to increase your freedom while you are enhancing your productivity.


Our testimonials

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